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Replacement Parts for Schartec Garage Doors

Order spare parts for Schartec garage doors at affordable internet prices

Original spare parts for sectional doors from Schartec offer the usual Schartec quality at reasonable prices. In the online shop you will find all accessories for sectional garage doors from Schartec immediately available. Components for garage doors are wear parts and should be regularly serviced and replaced if necessary. You should carry out maintenance on your garage door once a year.
Replacement springs for garage doors from Schartec

Garage door springs are wear parts and must be replaced after a certain number of door cycles. If the spring does not provide enough force for your sectional door, it will be at the expense of the electric drive.

To check whether the spring is working properly you have to pull the manual release on the door operator. Now open the sectional door by hand until it is about half open. When unlocked, the garage door must remain in the middle, i.e. half open (+/- 5%). If this is not the case, the spring must be re-tensioned or replaced if necessary.