Schartec Porte 150 Swing Gate Opener

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Product Description

Schartec Porte 150 Swing Gate Opener 2-leafe

The swing gate operator Porte 150 is the highly coveted entry-level model from Schartec. It is ideal for smaller and lighter swinging gates of up to 4 m wide (2 x 2 m). The maximum permissible gate weight is 150 kg (per leafe). The peak power of the 2-leaf swing gate opener is 1500 N.

Innovative Technology

The soft-start and soft-stop function is beneficial to the transmission and thus extends the service life of the gate and drive. In addition, automatic closing can be activated via the Schartec swing gate operators' control box. Important for many customers is also the additional pedestrian function, which also allows the opening of only one door leaf to let pedestrians pass. Maximum safety is provided by the integrated power cut-off of the engine. If the gate comes into contact with an obstacle, the motor is not only stopped but also reverses the gate; this feature protects against serious injury to adults, children, or animals. Additional safety devices can even be connected to Schartec swing gate operators such as up to two photocell sets (1 set included).

Note: To use the Porte 150 swing door opener, your gate needs an end stopper plate (closed position stopper).

Schartec Porte 150 and 300 are only compatible with the SR-2 and SR-4 remote controls (see below).


  • Gentle transmission -- soft start and soft stop
  • Speed with Soft Start and soft stop can be selected (70% or 50%)
  • Pedestrian function (just 45° opening for pedestrian possible)
  • Automatic close (can be set between 3 and 300 seconds)
  • Adjustable opening and closing delay
  • Opening Speed Adjustable (100% or 80%)
  • Integrated power shutdown
  • Code in up to 200 remote controls
  • Control box with overvoltage protection
  • Manual emergency release with key
  • Up to 2 photocells can be connected
  • Connection possibilities for key switch or push button
  • Signaling light can be connected (with 2 adjustment options)
  • Electric lock can be connected (with 2 adjustment options)

Box Contents:

  • Schartec Porte 150 (2 motors)
  • Control Box
  • 2x 4-Channel Remote Controls SR-4
  • 1x Photocell SPC
  • Mounting materials
  • Instructions

Technical details:

  • 230 V Input Voltage
  • 24 V Operating Voltage
  • 1500 N (per motor)
  • Max. 2 m width per gate leafe
  • Max. 150 kg weight per gate leafe
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C to + 50 °C
  • Range up to 50 m (depending on local conditions)
  • 144 W
  • Power consumption: 3 A
  • Protection Class: IP 54
  • Standby Power: appx. 3 W

ATTENTION! Our swing gate operators comply with the latest European standards for safety reversing during obstacle detection. As a result, the control operator reacts very sensitively. Therefore, check before purchasing if your door mechanism is intact and the door has been serviced. The gate should open and close smoothly and be easily operated by hand, otherwise the safety reverse could be triggered and the door could be reversed.

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